Our friends the Landscape Gardeners

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Somehow when one writes a blog, one’s friends consider they can get a lot of free publicity on the back of it.  I’d love that to be true yet doubt more than a handful of people have even heard of my blog, let alone take any notice of it.

However, I made a promise that I’d try and I’d write a short article about my friend Tony’s landscape gardener Horsham business called Horsham Decks and Patios.

This Horsham business undertakes all types of landscaping, from building little paths through a pretty back garden to constructing a large patio or terrace.  At the moment it appears composite decking is a popular choice for keeping feet dry in the winter and at the other end of the spectrum, expensive york stone paved patios are also coming back into fashion.

Tony and his team are very good at their job and have done some wonderful garden construction jobs over the years. I’ve personally seen several and been most impressed.  One of the gardens I visited was built on a slope and required a huge amount of work to build level platforms. The result was astonishing as a sloping rubbish patch was turned into a series of three level decks.  That particular garden featured in a well known magazine and won Horsham Decks and Patios a prestigious award – I can’t remember the name of it or I’d print it here!

So all I can say is if you need any sort of Horsham landscaping done, please feel free to say I recommended the company.  I’m not much good at marketing or selling, so forgive the plug.  I do thoroughly recommend Tony though.

Here’s their website: